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Wood Butchers Block Cutting Board

Why Wood Butchers Block Cutting Boards Are Still the Popular Choice

When it comes to butchers block cutting boards, wood is the most superior choice of material, over plastic, bamboo, rubber, etc. So why do people prefer wood butchers block cutting boards over the others? Think about it - What happens when hard material comes in contact with something made out of other hard material? What occurs is a lot of chipping, clinking, and eventually, breakage.

Of course, when you are cutting something on a cutting board, the knife is taking the brunt of the work, but the cutting board needs to be just as tough. However, while it needs to be tough, it shouldn’t be as hard as the knife. That is why wood butchers block cutting boards are the perfect complement to these knife blades. Wood butchers block cutting boards are dense, but offer a slight yield, and it can withstand daily use without damaging a knife’s blade. Not only are wood butchers block cutting boards strong and hard-wearing, but some, depending on the wood, can exhibit self-healing properties when being constantly cut by knives.

The Kustom Woodshop offers an array of beautiful wood butchers cutting boards and wooden serving boards at their online shop. Whether you are looking for a durable cutting board or a wooden serving board to serve some appetizers, you can be sure that you will find these functional kitchen art pieces amazing. Each piece is handmade, so there is no mass-production in the shop. And since wood is a natural product, boards end up being unique with variations in grain and color because of the wood's uniqueness.

Check out their collection of wood butchers cutting boards and wooden serving boards at and shop today!

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