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Larry The Woodworker

My name is Larry Schwisow and I am the owner, saw operator and glue-master behind the scenes of The Kustom Woodshop.


Working with wood has been a passion of mine for many years. I remember buying my first tool, a Sears Craftsman radial arm saw, forty-five years ago, on our first wedding anniversary. I'm not sure that my wife was as impressed with my decision, but I still have the saw . . . and her, fortunately. 


However, it was only after retiring from the corporate world and moving to Lincoln, Nebraska almost 10 years ago that I was able to devote enough time and energy to develop a woodshop and skill set that would allow me to take on more challenging projects. That move has resulted in creating a dedicated shop building in which I can create custom wood projects, such as my one-of-a-kind cutting boards. No more working in the garage or "quietly" in the basement after my daughters had gone to bed.  



Origninal Sears Craftsman radial arm saw

Having moved many times since buying my first tools, it was difficult to devote space and time to woodworking, but I was able to keep the interest and gain some useful knowledge and skill sets, not to mention accumulate a broader selection of quality tools. 


I've made many pieces of furniture and clocks, but only for the use of our extended family.  In 2013, I started making end-grain cutting boards and "got the bug."  I made 50 or so and gave them all to family members and friends. People seemed to constantly compliment me and suggest that there could be a market for these items. 


With encouragement from my wife and daughters, I started The Kustom Woodshop in 2014. My goal is to challenge myself and enhance my personal development, continue finding balance in my life and celebrate nature's beauty.  By creating art from wood, I have found a new fulfillment in retirement.

Applying Mineral Oil to Maple and Walnut End Grain Cutting Board
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