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Custom Wood Cheese Slicer Boards

Are You Looking for a Place to Get a Custom Wood Cheese Slicer Board?

Are you looking for a place to buy wooden cheese slicer boards? Are you searching for custom wood cheese slicer boards? If you are looking for custom wood cheese slicer boards, you are in luck. The Kustom Woodshop has a great selection of handmade wooden cheese slicer boards. There is no mass-production in the shop as each board is entirely handmade. And since wood is a natural product, boards end up being unique with variations in grain and color because of the wood's uniqueness. What started by making one-of-a-kind end grain cutting boards, now has turned into a passion for other pieces of functional kitchen art pieces, such as wooden serving boards and wooden cheese slicer boards.

These custom wood cheese slicer boards are just as functional as they are beautiful. The stainless steel cutter and wire do an excellent job of producing clean smooth slices of your favorite cheeses. The custom wood cheese slicer boards are flat-grain construction and made of either a singular hardwood or a combination of hardwoods. The boards generally measure approximately 10 x 6 inches and are typically at least 1 inch thick. Each board is hand treated with food safe mineral oil and finished with beeswax. The hardware is made of stainless steel and is easy to clean with a washcloth or scrub brush.

When you are in need of a wood cheese slicer board, look no further than The Kustom Woodshop. You can be sure that your custom wood cheese slicer board will be a conversation piece at your next gathering.

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