Cheese Slicer Boards

Our Cheese Slicer Boards are bound to be a conversation piece at your next gathering!  In addition to their eye catching appeal, they are very functional.  The stainless steel cutter and wire do an excellent job of producing clean smooth slices of your favorite cheeses. The Cheese Slicer boards are flat-grain construction and made of either a singular hardwood or a combinations of hardwoods.

The boards generally measure approximately 10 x 6 inches and are typically at least 1 inch thick. Each board is hand treated with food safe mineral oil and finished with bees wax. The hardware is made of stainless steel and is easy to clean with a wash cloth or scrub brush.

Our Cheese Slicer Boards are made one at a time and the boards shown below have been purchased, so they are not included in our store listing.  Please use the gallery below to get an idea of a board you would like to have us make.  Keep in mind that your board will be similar, but not exactly like the boards below due to variations in color and grain that nature has given us.